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As they say, "...it’s not just about shelves."

From the very beginning, Jacmar Shelving has been about people. Always a family owned and operated company, the attitude at Jacmar has been personal and intimate. Although the names behind the company have changed a few times through the years, the dedication to personal service remains.

The founders and creators of Jacmar Shelving were Jack and Marie Karnes. (This is, of course, the answer to the popular trivia question: "Where did the name ‘Jacmar’ come from?") Jack and Marie opened the doors to Jacmar in 1960 and laid the foundation of superior service and products serving the commercial furnishings industry that continues today.

After 20 successful years the Karnes’ passed the reins to another service-minded businessman. Norman Barakat purchased the company and his unique style continued Jacmar’s prosperity. Even Mr. Barakat’s lack of specific knowledge of the commercial furniture industry did not interfere. He knew, as Jack and Marie did, that "…it’s not just about shelves." Mr. Barakat’s attention to detail and customer service continued to impress the industry.

In 1988, Mr. Barakat’s eldest daughter, Leslie, joined the company and then married Dwight Equitz late in 1989. The newlyweds took control of Jacmar Shelving in 1991 and another era of personal service began.

The Equitz’ personalities were quickly assimilated into Jacmar’s and they soon agreed that "...it’s not just about shelves." Dwight’s success in business has always stemmed from his desire to put others before himself. That devotion to others, combined with his belief that his product and his service are above every other possible supplier of steel shelving in the industry, has made for surprising success. If asked what he thinks about the competition, he will say, "We have no competition. Sure, there are other suppliers of steel shelving out there, but only Jacmar takes care of its customers and end-users the way we do." Dwight takes his product seriously because he knows it’s not just the product his company sells that people are purchasing. His customers invest in a product that is backed by his company’s exceptional service.

This attitude of superior service continues to work. The past several years have produced the largest volume of business in Jacmar’s history.

While improvements in the "structure" of the company have been made (including computerization, increasing national presence and adding to the product offering), the true foundation of Jacmar Shelving remains solid. Jacmar has been and will always be a people-oriented company with valued services that reach far beyond today’s sale.

Jacmar’s successful history has little to do with the gauge of the steel or the quality of the paint finish. It is about people and their wish to be the best at what they do.

After all, "…it’s not just about shelves."

-About Jacmar Shelving