Jacmar Price List
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Open Shelving Dividers
Closed Shelving Standard Heights on Units
Angle Post Standard Widths
Thinline Beaded Post Standard Depths
Starter Unit Clear Space
Add-On Unit Openings
Class 1 Shelf Number of Shelves On a Unit
Reinforcing Angle or Bar Heavy Duty Beaded Post

Open Shelving

Open backs and sides with “x-braces”
- OA shelving is open with all “angle” posts.
- OB shelving is open with “thinline” beaded front posts.

Closed Shelving

Closed backs and sides with solid steel panels in place of “x-braces” and base strip added.
- CA shelving is closed with all “angle” posts.
- CB shelving is closed with “thinline” beaded front posts.

Angle Post

Basic building block of Jacmar shelving. Each unit has two angle posts in back. Also used as tie bar across aisles.

Thinline Beaded Post

Used as front post for “OB” and “CB” shelving. These “flat” posts do not have an “L” shape that extends into the shelf face, thus allowing full use of the shelf opening.

Starter Unit

The first unit in a multi-unit shelving run.

Add-On Unit

The second and subsequent units in a multi-unit shelving run.

Class 1 Shelf

Standard shelf used in almost all projects. Constructed of 18 gauge steel.

Reinforcing Angle or Bar

If needed, it is added to shelves for extra support for heavy duty weight capacity.


- Sliding - best for open filing or other related storage. Divider slides back and forth on the shelf and “compresses” the material stored.
- Angle - bolted in place on the shelf creates fixed, individual spaces on the shelves.
- Full Shelf - create “bins” in each shelf as these dividers reach from the top to the bottom, and front to back. Most commonly used in X-ray storage units.

Standard Heights on Units

85” is standard, available from stock in 40”, 61”, 73”, 88”, 97”, 109”, 121”
- Also available - custom cut to most any height desired.

Standard Widths

24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”. Custom cut and depth also available.

Standard Depths

9”, 12”, 15”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”. Custom cut and depth also available.

Clear Space

The space available for storage on any given shelf. That is, from the top of a shelf, to the bottom of the shelf above. Front and rear lips of shelves are 1-1/4”, therefore the clear opening is 1-1/4” less than the shelf spacing. (For example, shelves spaced on 12” centers have a clear opening of 10-3/4” between shelves.) Shelves are adjustable on 1-1/2” centers.


The number of clear spaces on a given unit.

Number of Shelves On a Unit

It is always one more than the number of openings on a given unit (the “top” of the unit is a shelf). That is, if a unit has seven shelves, it has six openings.

Heavy Duty Beaded Post

Used as front post when extra heavy duty use is expected (rarely used). Also used to create
mezzanine floors

-Open Shelving, Typical Units
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