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No matter the size of the shelving project, Jacmar always asks the same question: "What are you storing?"

It seems obvious, but this is a question that our "competition" often does not ask, to the end-user’s inconvenience. Space is expensive, and the cost of the inefficient use of space (even that small room where the user stores their extra paper-clips) will add up quickly. To quickly discover which shelving Jacmar recommends for a few "specialty" areas, just click on the description below:

General Office Storage

The user is storing the office supplies, reams of paper, and holiday decorations that every company has in abundance. Jacmar recommends our standard 85" high shelving with seven shelves, in whatever width fills the space safely and efficiently. This "general use" shelving is typically specified 12" or 15" deep to accommodate most boxes and supplies. (18" is usually too deep for this use and may result in wasted space.)

Archive Box Storage

The user is primarily storing "Archive" boxes (also called "Banker’s" boxes). These storage boxes are typically up to 13" wide, 16 _" deep and 10 _" high. Jacmar recommends our standard 85" high shelving with seven shelves, in widths of 30" or 42" (not the 36" wide or 48" wide units commonly specified).


A 36" wide unit will store two boxes on each shelf. The recommended 30" wide unit will also store two boxes on each shelf. Switching from 36" to 30" wide will therefore "save" 6" of space (and 6" worth of steel per shelf), and use the space and budget more efficiently. The same logic is used to specify 42" wide units instead of 48" wide (both will store three boxes per shelf).

These units are typically specified at 15" deep (the boxes will extend beyond the front of the shelving unit by and inch or so), but can be 18" deep if requested.

In a recent project for Southern California Edison, a storage area that was dedicated to Archive Box storage was specified with 36" wide shelving. At Jacmar’s recommendation the room was re-designed with 30" and 42" wide units (design service complimentary of Jacmar). The result was a 20% increase in the number of boxes stored ..in the same "footprint", and with wider aisles!

Side-tab Filing

The user is storing file records utilizing a "side-tab" technique. Jacmar recommends specifying our 88" high shelving with eight shelves, in widths that fill the space safely and efficiently. Shelving can be 12" or 15" deep to accommodate either "letter" or "legal" size files. End panels are added at all unit ends (and at back to back units, if desired). Sliding dividers are added to compress and organize the files.

At 88" high, the resulting seven openings will each be 10 3/4" clear.

Stock Room/Warehouse/Over-Sized

The user is storing heavy material (full boxes of paper, machine parts) or over-sized material (computer monitors in boxes). Jacmar recommends specifying our "Rivetier" shelving (steel structure with particle board decking) in sizes that fit the need safely and efficiently. This product is suited for warehouse applications, but has been specified in office situations as well.

This is the product that Jacmar delivers to every "Kinko’s Copy Store" in the United States for storage of their paper stock

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